• Life-Affirming Medical Appointment

    Each life-affirming medical appointment at the Bridge Wellness South includes one-on-one time with a medical staff member, resources, and support.
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  • Company Gift Matching

    Does your company have a Matching Gift Program? Many companies will match an employee’s contributions to almost any qualified 501c3 organization. To multiply your gift to the Bridge Wellness South, contact your human resources department and request their matching gift information. We can provide any needed information. If your company supports United Way you may ask for your gift to be designated to us. Double the impact of your gift today!
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  • Parenting Education Program

    The Invest Parent Prep Program is designed to prepare clients for pregnancy, childbirth, newborn infant care, life skills, relationships, and parenting through the approved curriculum(s). Group and individual classes are made available to meet the needs of the client to encourage practical growth and development.
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  • Above and Beyond Donations

    Are you are able to give a gift that is above and beyond those suggested? You can review the needs below or feel free to complete the contact section and someone will reach out to you and help connect you with a gift option that is right for you.
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