Why donate to the Bridge Wellness South?

Great Question...we are glad you asked.

Investing in the Bridge Wellness South means that you are choosing to make an impact in your community that literally helps save lives.  The mission and vision of the Bridge are fulfilled by meeting a very specific and time-sensitive need of hundreds of women in Henry County.  Through a life-affirming pregnancy confirmation model, women facing uncertainty and worry find hope and help.  Our unique care model surrounds each woman and family with compassion and connection.  See OUR IMPACT PAGE to read stories of those who have experienced the amazing services offered at The Bridge Wellness South.

As always, your gifts are tax-deductible under our 501(c)3.

Donate Baby Items for the Boutique

Your new and unused baby items can help a family meet important needs

Individuals and small and large groups can collect new, unused baby items and donate them to the Bridge Wellness South.  The iNvest Parent Prep Program offers incentivized access to a beautiful boutique of a variety of items needed for infants up to two years old.

Your donations are always tax deductible!

    • Community Rewards Programs

      Shop and Save! Did you know that The Bridge Wellness South can benefit from community rewards programs like KrogerPlus and AmazonSmile?
      $0.00 donated
    • Life-Affirming Medical Appointment

      Each life-affirming medical appointment at the Bridge Wellness South includes one-on-one time with a medical staff member, resources, and support.
      $18,859.22 donated
    • Baby Supplies

      Baby Boutique Supplies

      Providing supplies for our beautiful on-site baby boutique is a great way to involve a small group or church in meeting the needs of others. You can host a baby shower or collect items during a focused time of giving. New and unused baby supplies provided showcase the generosity of the community in a unique way. You can also donate new and unused baby items to be used in our on-site boutique! See list below.
      $8,000.00 donated
    • Company Gift Matching

      Does your company have a Matching Gift Program? Many companies will match an employee’s contributions to almost any qualified 501c3 organization. To multiply your gift to the Bridge Wellness South, contact your human resources department and request their matching gift information. We can provide any needed information. If your company supports United Way you may ask for your gift to be designated to us. Double the impact of your gift today!
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    • Parenting Education Program

      The Invest Parent Prep Program is designed to prepare clients for pregnancy, childbirth, newborn infant care, life skills, relationships, and parenting through the approved curriculum(s). Group and individual classes are made available to meet the needs of the client to encourage practical growth and development.
      $51,879.66 donated

You can also set up recurring donations!

By following the link you can set up recurring donations to the Bridge Wellness South. You planned giving helps us set vision and strategy for each year!

Planned giving allows the staff of the Bridge to set budgets that can foster growth and outreach.  If you would like to to know more about planned giving you can reach out to us or set up your gift online.

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