Join us for an unforgettable evening at ‘Bridging the Gap,’ our annual banquet benefiting The Bridge Wellness South on October 21st, 2024. The doors open for the event at 6:30 PM and dinner starts at 7:00 PM.

Throughout the evening, we’ll come together to honor the remarkable strides made in bridging significant gaps in healthcare access and support for expectant parents in our community. It’s a celebration of compassion, resilience, and the profound impact that dedicated care can have on the lives of families. From ensuring access to essential medical services like pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to providing invaluable resources and education, The Bridge Wellness South has been at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Together, we’ll reflect on the stories of strength and hope that have emerged, illustrating the power of community support in nurturing healthy beginnings. Every step taken to bridge these gaps brings us closer to a future where every parent feels empowered, supported, and confident in their journey to parenthood. Join us as we celebrate these achievements and renew our commitment to building a brighter, healthier future for all.

Through compassionate care, medical-grade pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasounds, evidence-based decision support, pregnancy resource referrals, iNvest Parent Prep Education, and ongoing support through our Baby Boutique, The Bridge Wellness South is empowering families to thrive.

Event Registration is free and your participatory generosity will help us continue this vital mission, ensuring that no one walks the journey of parenthood alone!


Featured Speaker: Dr. Benny Tate

Dr. Benny Tate has served for over 30 years as Senior Pastor of Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia. Under his leadership, the church has grown in attendance from 80 to more than 8,000 people. Rock Springs Church has multiple thriving campuses across Middle Georgia as well as an Online Campus. Dr. Tate served as President of the Congregational Methodist Denomination for 10 years and has served as the Chaplain for the United States Senate and House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Tate is the author of Defy the Odds, a book that encourages all people to believe that God can overcome the odds in any life, as well as Unlimited, a book that shares the power of the Holy Spirit. He is passionate about encouraging and supporting other leaders and ministries as well. His heart for developing leaders is the motivation for continually providing resources for growing churches. He enjoys teaching and encouraging others through his Leads Club podcast, connecting with others in his social media community, as well as teaching through Defy the Odds church growth conferences.

Benny and his wife, Barbara, have been married since 1984 and have one daughter, Savannah Abigail. They currently reside in Forsyth, Georgia.